Washington DC Investment Advisor Dawn Bennett Barred by SEC

As set out in this SEC Order from an Administrative Law Judge, Dawn Bennett has been barred from the securities industry by the SEC. Dawn Bennett was a Washington DC area advisor who was previously re ... Read more

What Should Financial Advisors Do To Better Protect Elderly Investors?

According to FINRA’s estimates, the elderly lose approximately $ 2.9 billion every year due to fraud. To protect vulnerable elderly investors from financial abuse, FINRA had approved a rule in 2 ... Read more

What Is Securities Fraud?

Daniel Carlson is a lawyer in San Diego focused on securities litigation who specializes in recovering investment losses for his clients. Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You either had or you ... Read more

“Senior Specialist” and Similar Financial Credentials Lead to Confusion

May 1, 2013 - COLUMBUS, Ohio – Consumers Confused by Misleading Senior Designations, Says CFPB Financial credentials are a way advisers can market their expertise to the ... Read more


Daniel Carlson is a securities litigation attorney in San Diego who specializes in recovering investment losses for his clients. Annuities are popular investment vehicles.  But how much do small ... Read more

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