Philadelphia FINRA Lawyers: UBS Seeks to Overturn FINRA Ruling

Swiss financial wirehouse UBS is seeking to vacate a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) ruling and $18.5 million award on the basis that two out of three arbitrators on the case were not ... Read more

Treating Stock Options and RSUs as Assets vs. Income in a Divorce

A recent opinion by the Massachusetts Appeals Court in the case of Ludwig v. Lamee-Ludwig (2017) has clarified an area of MA law that has beleaguered judges, attorneys, and divorce litigants for some ... Read more

Equity Shares as Bonus or Compensation for Private Startup Companies

A new trend in the gig economy is to offer unusual forms of compensation for work. Private companies, as well as publically traded companies, can offer equity shares as part of a compensation package ... Read more

Risks of 409A Non-Compliance (Part 2 of 2)

After asking whether you need a 409A valuation before issuing stock options for your startup, the answer was likely: yes. Still, it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to reconsider seeking a valuation ... Read more

Should Your Startup Have a 409A Valuation? (Part 1, Series of 2)

Stock options in a startup company can be a valuable form of compensation for employees. Many early startup employees have become wealthy by getting in on the ground floor with stock options that may ... Read more

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